Live in care and support


✓ Support throughout the day and night

✓ Bespoke one-to-one attention

Our Blue River Home Care live-in care and support service is the perfect option for those choosing to stay comfortably in their own home as opposed to opting to move into a care or residential home. Not only is our service a real alternative to residential care, it can also be more affordable whilst ensuring the asset of the family home is protected.

As our team member will ‘live-in’, the person in receipt of support simply needs to provide them with their own bedroom and make a provision for their meals. In return, our price for the service reflects a discount off our standard hourly charge rate.

‘A life to be shared and enjoyed’

We are here to provide as much or as little support as is required; so for this reason we have developed our offering over 3 levels of service, ensuring flexibility around the weekly fee. Quite simply, you only pay for what you need.
A real and cost effective alternative to residential care providing you with the option to stay at home in familiar surroundings with familiar people and treasured possessions As ‘live-in’ suggests, your loved one benefits from our team member living with them – always on hand to provide truly bespoke support, genuine companionship and around the clock assurance, balancing independent living with health and wellbeing.


✓ Complete control, choice and flexibility

✓ The ultimate peace of mind