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Our Philosophy of Care

We believe that helping our customers to stay active and make their own decisions about what they do and how they spend their time, helps them remain happy and healthy for longer.

We believe in tailoring our care to fit the unique needs of each person. We aim to make the most of our clients’ strengths so each can be as fulfilled and independent as possible.

We believe that a good quality of life stems from the ability to take pleasure in the ordinary and familiar things that we do every day and that these simple tasks can be used to promote and support health and well-being.

We believe that nobody should be deprived of their dignity or quality of life, or be excluded from participating in their community, because of their age, frailty or lack of support.

We believe the diversity of our customers is our greatest asset and that through the formation of positive relationships they can continue to be part of a vibrant community. We value the involvement and understanding of our customers’ families and friends as we believe the insights, companionship and fun they bring enhances life for everyone.

We believe in supporting our staff by offering training, good rates of pay and an environment that welcomes and encourages innovative thinking.

At Your Service

Skilled carers

Ensuring that people have a positive experience of care and support

A devoted service

Treating and caring for people in a safe environment

Promoting wellbeing

Enhancing quality of life for people with care and support needs.

Live in care

Supporting people to live healthy lives for longer

Blue River Home Care – the more personal homecare service

We do more to keep your loved ones happy

Asking for help can be difficult, but the right kind of help can mean greater independence for you or a loved one and less demands on your family. That’s why Blue River Home Care provide a wide range of services designed around your individual family’s needs – from help with housekeeping, cooking, washing, dressing and management of medication to enjoying a more active life as part of your local community.

A trusted service

You can take reassurance from the fact that Blue River Home Care is Care Quality Commission accredited. Recommended by GPs localy we are trusted by the NHS - in fact many customers have chosen Blue River Home Care’s homecare service. We also vet and train all our people to a high standard so you can expect both a professional and personal level of service.

A service that is tailored to your individual needs

We tailor every package we deliver to the exact needs and wishes you have and our services are available around the clock, 365 days a year. With options starting from as little as an hour a week right up to full time live-in care, your choices are limitless.

A more personal service

We understand the importance of trust that is built up through a personal relationship, so we know it is important to find someone you and your family will get along with, who you would be happy to have in your family home. The answer is our unique matching service.

A service that goes beyond the home

Should your family need it, you can also book day care. Through our fantastic network we can also connect you with other like minded people, enable access to a range of social activities in your area or simply organise favourite days or days out for you or your loved one.

A range of services that cover all of your needs

Local services provided by local people

As a local social care provider, Blue River Home Care is enviably positioned to offer a host of care and support solutions, supporting people with an equally varied level of need. We have close relationships with many external health care professionals, such GPs and District Nurses, and work closely with the NHS in many locations across London, Hertfordshire and Essex.

Our size and scale enables us to provide a strong support structure to our skilled teams of local professionals. This balance means that we are able to offer the best of both worlds; the assurance and financial stability of being a well established local company, combined with the knowledge and expertise of a strong local team who live in your community.

One word summarises the service we received - exceptional! The manager actively worked to find out my ageing mother’s needs and work with the family to agree on a care plan both for the short and medium term. Her deep and current experience enabled us to address our mums needs in a way that put mum first at all times whilst fully considering how we as a family can take an active role and be there for her. I cannot recommend Blue River Care more highly (especially after having a disastrous experience with a rival local company two years ago) and continue to enjoy working with the manager and the team. Graeme H
I have found this agency to be more helpful than any other I have come in contact with. Someone from Blue River Home Care came with me to Epping hospital to meet my 95-year-old mother so they could find out her needs before starting to care for her. 3 hours they spent with my mother and me, helping me talk to the OT lady and anyone else she thought I needed to talk to, I can't thank her enough for all her free help. I feel my mother will be safe with Blue River Home Care. Wendy C
When my friend called Blue River Home Care they came to assess my needs the following day and offered me a few carers to choose from. I liked that I can have a carer that speaks my language as English is not my first language and I find it difficult to communicate in English. They started visiting me the following day just as I like it. Thank you. They are wonderful and I am lucky to have them. Theresa A
I couldn't wish for a better carer. My carer is like a daughter to me. She knows me very well, what I like and dislike, she cooks for me and keeps me company. She takes me out to do my shopping and go to a restaurant for lunch. She helps me with my papers and teaches me to use the computer. The other carers that come on the weekends are also very good and cheerful girls. They help me get going. The manager calls me regularly to check if I'm happy. I had the supervisors visiting and asking lots of questions. I cannot recommend Blue River Home Care company any higher. Without my carers, I wouldn't be able to stay at home and do what I want to do. Tana D
Very polite professional carers. I was informed twice a day while I was away regarding my partner activities. After dealing with them, they keep in contact to know how was my partner doing. They also informed me about some benefits I could get for my partner (eg care allowance) that I didn't know about. Overall, I woukd recomend this agency to most friends! Gustavo M
I am a client of Blue River Home Care and although I am new to their service, I am very impressed with the level of professionalism, the staff and management have exuded. Very well pleased. Pamela Gilda O
I was very impressed with Blue River. The owner was extremely knowledgeable and professional and guided us through the steps needed to help. It’s refreshing to see someone dedicated to helping others and putting their interests first at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend her! Fay D
The service I have been given is excellent. The staff are very friendly and trustworthy. They have helped me so much while they have been here. I would highly recommend their services. The standard of their cleaning is very good. They have been very sociable too. Carolyn T
We are extremely happy with the help we are given by the carers and the office. The carers are always on time, they go the extra mile to ensure my grandmother is happy and safe. The office does more and beyond of what is expected by them. We cannot recommend them any higher and we are happy to support them with spreading the word about the compassionate care they provide. Margaret R
As well as cleaning they have been there for me every step of the way and I can't thank them enough. They represent me with social services and arrange everything for me. I receive calls and visits from the office daily to ensure I am happy and safe. The carer comes out and cleans to perfection. There have never been any problems, the care group is excellent. T A
We used Blue River to provide cover whilst my mother's live-in carer was having time off. The agency's carer most certainly lived up to that title. She is extremely competent, professional, friendly....and caring! She went out of her way to be a true companion to my mother - who, along with being afflicted by vascular dementia, has very limited movement in terms of standing and walking.

The carer was fully adept at handling her straight from the start. My mother clearly appreciated all the attention she received over the day and night and told the carer she would really miss her - and it's not often that she pays compliments! Helen D
My father has complex care needs and we have had many agencies in the past over the years. It never worked with any of the many companies we used privately and through the council. Blue River Home Care was recommended to us by a friend and we are so grateful for appointing them as they are like no any other. The owner does more and beyond what one would expect from her. She's part of our life now and her team is just unbelievably well suited for my dad's needs personality and challenges. The whole family and Dad cannot thank Blue River Home Care enough. Ronald N
This is a care provider who, as a whole group are now like kin and members of the client's own family. Mum, who is in palliative care and also has vascular dementia, is unswervingly provided with respect and loving care. The agency's two competent and loving carers are each like a carer, nurse, companion, daughter, sister, mother and friend, all rolled into one! If this is what care services are about then no one could wish for more professionalism, attention, high-quality service and compassion than what is provided.

No chore is left undone in the home making life easier for us from cleaning to the required care suitable for our mum's needs. The group gained the trust of the whole family in the shortest time possible. The care provided is meticulously monitored, co-ordinated and supervised by the director most efficiently. Challenges are resolved on the spot. Family are kept informed, made to feel really happy and content with every aspect of mum's care and safety both night and day. Gonul B
This company is the real thing. Care with a capital C. Great to know such people exist. What a difference they make! Jack B
Since taking on Blue River to administer my mum's medication in May 2018, I am very pleased with the quality of the carers. They spend time with mum to talk to her about her family her traditions and her love of cooking. If I have a problem or have a question, I just text even if it is after hours always someone will revert back to me. Recently mum visited a social club for seniors, she was reluctant to go but the carers worked with her and eventually she went, I was so pleased. The carer took photos and sent them to me. Rada J
The manager of Blue River is absolutely wonderful she is very considerate she helps out a lot with care and work etc. The carers that come in and out of my mother in law's house are very polite respectful helpful they go beyond what they say it's a wonderful service. Very helpful ladies. Sonja K